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18 January, 2006

Adventures in Web Design

If you've visited City Muse before, you may have noticed a few changes.

Below the title banner is the latest, links to categories or "tags" which group my posts by content. Blogger doesn't provide this feature so I wrote the javascript myself with a little bit of ingenuity and deductive thinking. No small feat, considering I was totally clueless about web design not too long ago.

It all started with my desire to have distinctive looking blogs. Though Blogspot and the web offer a wide array of templates, I wanted a one of a kind look so I designed my own. They've gone through several changes since, including bells and whistles (Haloscan trackbacks, Flickr badge and now tag links) I've added along the way.

I'm constantly adjusting and tinkering with all of them; blame it on my perfectionist streak. Right now, I'm working on a new look incorporating more photography, so don't be surprised if City Muse sports a new outfit next time you drop by.

D. thinks I'm becoming such a hacker; quite the compliment coming from a professional techie like him. He also gave me my own domain name,, as a present last Christmas. Isn't that sweet?

Of course good looks is one thing, content is another. My writing has gone through a metamorphosis since I started three years ago with Amused, my first blog on AOL; it's more relaxed, more confident, more concise. Though I still write for my own amusement, the purpose of my blogs haven't changed: with my musings I hope to inform, entertain and stimulate discussion.

Thanks for visiting.

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