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09 June, 2006

Cool Web Finds

Interact10ways. You've probably seen those images made up of countless smaller "image pixels". This site showcases hundreds of such images, all high resolution and high quality, with a cool twist: focus the white box on any section of the image, click and it will zoom in to magnify hundreds of its image pixel components. Click on any of those pixel images to enlarge, click on the white box and the site will do it again.

Lulu. Have you ever thought of self-publishing a book, music CD or film video? Lulu makes that dream come true. The site will get your work in publish ready form, customized to your liking, for a fee. Lulu also handles selling your work to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders and takes care of related transactions, including order tracking and shipping.

Library Thing. This is a site that helps you catalog, organize, label and review your books online in graphical or "shelf form". It also connects you to other people who are reading the same books. Joining is easy; an account name and password lets you organize your books right away. No need to enter full titles; Library Thing will enter the rest of the info based on data from and 45 libraries around the world.

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