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30 May, 2007

I Heart Mogu

You've probably seen a Mogu, those Japanese nylon pillows filled with polystyrene beads. I love them so much we have a couple at home and in the car, including a big one from Brookstone for me to sleep on. Unfortunately, the nylon material stretches and it didn't take long for the Brookstone one to get bent out of shape.

I was resigned to buying a new Mogu pillow every year until D. bought me this one -- another anniversary gift -- from Amazon. It's not cheap at fifty bucks, but let me tell you: Best. Pillow. Ever. Better than any of that Posture Pedic slash Memory slash Shiatsu stuff. And no, this isn't a paid advertisement post. It's just a really awesome pillow.

This one is even better than my old Mogu; it's pliable enough to adjust to the contour of my head and neck, cradling it perfectly without losing its shape because of the sturdy polyester/cotton blend casing.

As soon as I used it I knew it ruined me for any other pillow. It's the first time I slept straight through without a stiff neck waking me up and who couldn't use a good night's sleep like that? I heart my Mogu!

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