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01 April, 2006

Expletive Nation

It's everywhere:

Nearly three-quarters of Americans questioned last week - 74 percent - said they encounter profanity in public frequently or occasionally, according to an Associated Press- Ipsos poll.

Two-thirds said they think people swear more than they did 20 years ago. And as for, well, the gold standard of foul words, a healthy 64 percent said they use the f-word - ranging from several times a day (8 percent) to a few times a year (15 percent).


Nearly half said they use swear words in conversation a few times a week or more.
Being born and raised Catholic, I used to be a big prude when it comes to swearing.

It doesn’t bother me now. I no longer mind when people use it, nor do I deny myself a choice expletive or two when the situation warrants it.

They’re just words after all, and not using words deemed verboten only gives them more significance than they deserve.

Like the article says, it’s swearing for no good reason that I object to more than anything. Not so much for the impropriety as for the sheer pedantry of it.

There's nothing more boring than a person who peppers a conversation with profanity because he's too lazy or unimaginative to come up with something more articulate.

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