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25 May, 2006

Much Ado About The Da Vinci Code

I don't know why some countries are hysterically against The Da Vinci Code. It's been called insulting and sacrilegious, complete with book burnings and calls to ban the movie.

One Catholic man from India even put a price on Dan Brown's head. Uhm yeah, what better way to honor Jesus Christ than declaring a virtual fatwa similar to what Salman Rushdie went through some years back.

These people should all take a deep breath and double slap themselves back to their senses.

Sure, this book tried to peel the skin off long-held beliefs that we accept as gospel truth, but it's fiction, for pete's sake.

And sub par fiction at that. When I read the book three years ago, I found Dan Brown's prose horribly pedestrian, contrived and gimmicky, even for a book written with an eye on a movie deal.

However, the idea that Jesus Christ had offsprings with Mary Magdalene was fascinating. That and the tidbits about art, religion and history intertwined with cryptology and symbology saved the book from being a total waste.

I'd never understand why the thought of Jesus Christ living a normal human existence is so offensive. If anything, believers should thank Dan Brown; because of his book, there is renewed interest in this extraordinary human being who lived in our midst two thousand years ago and made an indelible impact on the world ever since.

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