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16 May, 2006

Net Freak

When my internet connection wigged out a while back, I was not amused. I've become dependent on it for a lot of things.

It's the first thing I turn on in the morning instead of the tv, reading the news and political blogs with my coffee. At night, I check out others' journals and write on my own, send e-mails, do my banking or a little shopping. I even borrow books from the library online.

It was hard to go through the day without it, much less weeks. I felt disconnected and out of touch, like the world was moving on without me. Being on the internet gave me a sense of power. Information, convenience and personal interaction was just a click away.

Sure, I found other things to do: read books and magazines, talked on the phone, tidied up the house, went out with friends. But there was a piece missing in the puzzle of my day. I got antsy and my itchy clicker finger kept searching for my mouse.

"You're addicted to the computer," my brother said.

"Am not," I shot back. "I can quit anytime I want!"


He just snickered at me.

Are you a net freak? How long can you go without it?

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