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04 May, 2006

One Birthday to Rule Them All

Since three of us have birthdays in the same month, we decided to celebrate them all at the same time.

The crew met at C&O Cucina for some good ol' Italian food: generous servings of grilled shrimp fettucini, chopped Italian salad with grilled chicken, seafood linguini, spaghetti with lobster sauce, grilled salmon with orzo and chicken ceasar salad. Add to that calamari fritti for starters and tiramisu for dessert and we're stuffed.

Back at our place, the birthday people opened their stash of presents: tons of DVDs, CDs and books. D. had the biggest haul because he got six gifts from me alone (I had to spoil him somehow, he can't have all the fun). J. also got an interesting book and "stash" from K and a Final Cut Express software from D. I got a pretty evening bag from K. and a lovely pair of black pearl earrings and an IPod Nano from D. (see what I mean about being spoiled?) D. insists the Nano doesn't count, though, because it's an anniversary gift.

It was a fun relaxing evening, topped off with helpings of that scrumptious chocolate raspberry and marble cake combo you see above.

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