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11 June, 2008

News Around Town

Black Ball Spill. Check out the above video of L.A.'s Department of Water & Power dropping 400,000 black balls into the Ivanhoe Reservoir. The balls will shade its bromide and chlorine laden water from sunlight to prevent the formation of carcinogens. The reservoir serves 600,000 Angelenos; a total of 3 million of these black balls will eventually blanket it in the next 3-5 years. Many think it looks like an ugly oil spill, but it looks more like caviar to me. More from Curbed L.A.

A Challenge to Repeal of Special Order 40. The order states that "officers shall not initiate police action with the objective of discovering the alien status of a person." A suit was filed to repeal it, alleging it prevents police from exchanging info with immigration officials. The city and the ACLU are challenging the repeal, alleging that it amounts to racial profiling and would discourage immigrants from cooperating with law enforcement.

Personally, I'm against the repeal; the LAPD are peace and order officers, not immigration officers. Also, existing laws already covers information sharing between the agencies; a repeal would just create one more regulation we don't need. A segment of Which Way L.A. discussed this important issue, including the alleged killing of high school football star Jamiel Shaw by an illegal immigrant gang member that sparked the whole debate.

Killer Tomatoes. If you've noticed those tomato slices and chunks disappearing from your restaurant hamburgers and salsas, blame the latest salmonella scare. No word on the origin yet. Cherry, grape and homegrown tomatoes are okay; Roma, plum and red round tomatoes not okay. So far, one person has died and 167 got sick, with 23 requiring hospitalization. First was the beef scare, then the green onion scare, now this. What's next, no more french fries?!

Celtics 2, Lakers 1. Finally, we have a series. Lakers eked out a third game 87-81 win at the Staples Center. They played more aggressively -- Farmar even got into Brown's face after being pushed around -- but with Gasol and Odom shut out by the Celtics' strong defense, Kobe and Sasha were left to carry the day points-wise. The Lakers also kept Pierce and Powe's shots to low single digits and Garnett's to low doubles. The other bright side: no repeat of the ugly Staples brawl from Sunday. Also in related news, convicted illegal betting felon and ex-NBA referee Tim Donaghy claims that a 2002 playoff game was rigged in favor of the Lakers; Commissioner Stern calls it hogwash.

Special Favors?? It looks like Democratic State Representative and former Long Beach councilwoman Laura Richardson will get her Sacramento house back. Richardson made headlines for the $535k home's foreclosure and for defaulting on two others. The mortgage broker who bought the home at auction alleges favoritism on the part of the lender, Washington Mutual, which rescinded the sale.

L.A. Chefs Shut Out at James Beard Awards. Although L.A. represented, none of our chefs won any of the major categories at the Foundation's recent culinary awards held in NYC. Two local writers did get nods: Angeleno's Brad Johnson for restaurant criticism and LAT's Russ Parsons honored as a Who's Who of Food & Beverage in America. Grant Achatz from Alinea in Chicago won the outstanding chef award. liveblogged the event here.

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