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16 May, 2008

Food Bits

• Melon "Fabergé eggs", lemon bears and bok choy fish? It’s the world of produce art. The painstaking skill has made a comeback, with high end restaurants paying thousands of dollars for increasingly elaborate edible figures and tableaus, anywhere from a fish aquarium to The Last Supper. Darn, I should’ve kept those cheap carving tools from sixth-grade cooking class. Click photo for more food magic. [New York Times].

• Fifteen year-old Jennifer Sharpe from Michigan sold a record 17,328 boxes of Girl Scouts cookies which went a long way towards earning her troop a trip to Europe this winter. Wow, that’s a lot of Samoas ®. Her secret? Persistence, hard work and a real love for them cookies. [A.P.]

• Through a parliamentary maneuver, the city council of Chicago lifted the two-year ban on foie gras. Chefs are relieved, PETA is incensed, and goose liver enthusiasts rejoiced. I’d guess Doug Sohn especially, whose foie gras-laced sausages earned him the city’s first $250 fine. [Chicago Tribune]

• Wolfgang Puck sues the owner of Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, Wolfgang Zwiener. Puck’s own steakhouse Cut is only a few blocks away in Beverly Hills from the former, causing confusion. Zwiener won’t budge, claiming a patented trademark on the restaurant's name and renown in the restaurant business long before anyone knew who Puck was. Ohh, food fight, food fight! [The Knife]

• The L.A. Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance requiring taco trucks to change locations every hour or face a $1,000 fine and/or jail. The silly law, which became effective yesterday, basically puts taco trucks out of business in 65% of the city’s total land area. If you love these taco trucks which are a mainstay of Angeleno culture, sign a petition here to repeal the ordinance. Taco Libre! [Eater L.A.]

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