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24 December, 2005

Holiday Goodies

When we went shopping for tomorrow’s Christmas dinner, our first stop was the Red Ribbon to pick up holiday cakes and pastries.

Red Ribbon is a Philippine-based cake shop with several locations in California. Another bake shop called Goldilocks is quite popular with the Filipino community but we prefer Red Ribbon's goodies for its superior quality and taste. I've been a fan ever since I had a bite of their coffee crunch cake back in my college days.

Filipino pastries are decidedly of the European variety, rich and delicate but not cloyingly sweet, which is why it’s been a hit with everyone who's tried them.

During the holiday season, people waiting patiently to choose from their wide array of goodies form long lines that spill out the door. We got lucky today however, because we went early enough to miss the crowd.

Then came the hard part, choosing which cakes and pastries to buy because everything is so good.

Should we buy the ensaimada (moist brioche with grated cheese on top) the mamon (moist sponge cake) or the taisan (butter cake with a light dusting of sugar)?

Should we buy the coffee crunch cake with the coffee-flavored meringue bits sprinkled on top before serving or the mango cake with bits of real mango tucked in the chiffon cake layers with mango cream icing?

How about the crema de fruta (trifle cake with pudding and fruits en gelée on top) or the dense, dark chocolate cake with cream filling? The übe cake (purple yam cake) and the rocky road cake (mocha chiffon with whipped cream icing, chocolate bits and marshmallows) also look good.

Then of course, the sinful sans rival ("without rival") with its multiple layers of meringue covered with butter cream and chopped cashew nuts is calling my name!

These and many others made it hard to decide, but we finally got four of the coffee crunch cake -- for tomorrow's dinner and gift-giving -- and some ensaimada and taisan to boot.

For more on Red Ribbon cakes, click on the photos above for Flickr notes.

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