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27 January, 2006

Liveblogging: Dancing with the Stars, Show #4 Results

Finally, Master P. and Ashly DelGrosso are gone. Thank goodness. One more week of them dancing after their disastrous performance last night would've turned the whole season of Dancing with the Stars 2 into a complete joke.

I'm getting ahead of myself. The couples returning in the order they were called: Drew & Cheryl, Lisa & Louis, Stacy & Tony, Jerry & Anna, George & Edyta.

When George & Edyta were called, my heart just about sank. That means Tia & Max are in the bottom two with Master P. & Ashly. Considering the latter have always made the cut previously at the expense of other couples who performed much better, I thought it was curtains for Tia & Max.

But I guess Master P. and Ashly's dismal scores from the judges were just too much to ignore. In addition, Ashly revealed that Master P. wasn't even giving it his best effort and barely making it to rehearsals.

Those who've been voting for Master P. all this time either got tired of the charade and took Len's admonition to heart or real dance enthusiasts decided enough is enough and voted in droves for the other couples. Either way, the outcome was the correct one; now viewers can concentrate on the competition and enjoy the remaining couples' performances.

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