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01 February, 2006

A Slice of Heaven

This is a pepperoni and sliced meatball pizza from Gondola's in La Mirada, California. D. and his buddies have been going there since their high school days, and have been raving about it for years. One bite and I was hooked.

What you're looking at here are slices of heaven. The dough is crispy on the outside, and fluffy yet dense on the inside, like a delicious loaf of Italian bread. The sauce is neither too tangy nor too sweet, its subtle seasonings a perfect compliment to the gooey blend of four cheeses that blanket the whole pie.

There's a generous helping of pepperoni and spiced meatballs -- made from scratch on the premises -- which are sliced wafer thin and come out slightly crispy when the pizza is served piping hot out of the oven.

Though heavy with toppings, each slice is neither soggy nor greasy, with every savory bite a perfect combination of textures, tastes and aroma that envelop the senses.

Though it's as popular as ever, the restaurant may have to close down to make way for a new Home Depot. We are seriously thinking of starting a petition drive to keep it open.

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