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01 May, 2006

I'm Back

I'm back from a much needed vacation. Posting will resume shortly.

For the meantime, my friend N. who regularly read my old journal on AOL tells me she misses the e-mail notices that were automatically sent out when I posted new entries.

City Muse actually has something similar. Towards the bottom of the right-hand column, there is a subscription box to this journal via Blogarithm. By putting in your e-mail address, you will receive a daily notice as to when my journal is updated. Your e-mail address will remain private and not be used for any other purpose.

Bloglines is even better. It's a blog aggregator that "harvests" updates from blogs of your choice, including this one. Unlike Blogarithm which notifies you of updates only once a day, notices are more instantaneous with Bloglines.

Of course, you have to check your Bloglines subscriptions to be notified, although you can also subscribe to Bloglines via e-mail.

To subscribe via Bloglines, open a Bloglines account and input this journal's RSS feed by right-clicking on the "Atom Feed/XML" button on the side bar, choosing "shortcut" from the right-click menu and adding it to your Bloglines list. You can also subscribe by inputting this journal's URL, which is

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