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19 June, 2006

Worthy Causes

One of my favorite women's magazines is Marie Claire, not only because of the usual girly girl features but also because it's a magazine with a conscience. Articles about social issues pepper its pages, providing balance to the otherwise self-indulgent content.

In this month's issue, there was an excellent article about ten notable charities, all of which spend the biggest slice of their incoming donations towards the humanitarian programs they champion.

Not all of us can be like Angelina Jolie who gives a third of her income to charity, but money donated to any of these organizations is money well spent:

1. Americares (99% of funding goes to programs) is a 23 year old organization that focuses on disaster relief around the world.

2. V-Day (93% of funding goes to programs) produces Eve Ensler's play The Vagina Monologues and raises funds to end violence against women and children.

3. Save the Children (90% of funding goes to programs) aims to save the lives of infants, provide education for children and microloans for women in the world's 18 poorest countries.

4. Polaris Project (90% of funding goes to programs) combats human trafficking in the U.S. and abroad.

5. Breast Cancer Research Foundation (89% of funding goes to programs) provides research grants for breast cancer treatment and prevention.

6. International Aids Vaccine Initiative ( 88% of funding goes to programs) funds research to develop an AIDS vaccine.

7. National Partnership for Women and Families ( 86% of funding goes to programs) fights for women and families' rights in the workplace.

8. Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (85% of funding goes to programs) supports the National Sexual Abuse Hotline and provides free, confidential services to victims.

9. Women's Funding Network (85% of funding goes to programs) is a foundation that supports various women and girls' organizations around the world.

10. The White House Project (75% of funding goes to programs) promotes women in leadership positions and encourages women to vote and run for political office.

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