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25 November, 2006

The Gehry House

D. and I have talked about going on an architectural tour around Los Angeles for the longest time, so one weekend we just hopped in the car and got started.

Our first stop: The Gehry House in Santa Monica, built in 1977 by architect Frank Gehry. Gehry is famous for unusually shaped structures, including the Guggenheim Bilbao and my favorite, the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

The house was built with plywood, corrugated aluminum, glass and chain link in a deconstructivist, post-modernistic style. It has a jumbled, hodge podge look from the outside, with sharp, uneven corners protruding here and there.

I was curious to see what it's like from the inside, although sources online say that the original house remains intact, with Gehry merely transforming its outer shape by "wrapping" this unusual facade around it.

It's definitely extraordinary, nothing at all like the houses around the block. Rumor has it that the neighbors were initially unhappy with its looks, but maybe the lush greenery around the house helped calm them down. Besides, I doubt the creation of an internationally-acclaimed architect hurts the property values in the area.

Here are some panoramic shots I've stitched together. Cool, huh?

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