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28 June, 2006

Customer Relations

A little incident happened when I brought my mom out to breakfast last weekend.

She doesn't like sausage, so she asked if she can have ham instead. Our server said she's not sure if substitutions are allowed but my mom told her she's asked for it before and was told it's okay. Still unsure, the server said she'll have to ask the manager.

Moments later, the manager rushed to our table and told us she'll have to fire whomever allowed the substitution because it's a big no no, rambling on about the prices being different, blah blah blah.

My mom, who doesn't have much patience for b.s., cut her off and said fine, she'll order the all-ham breakfast and that was that.

It really wasn't a big deal, but I thought the manager handled the situation very poorly. You don't put the onus of firing an employee on a customer and you never, ever chastise a customer instead of offering an alternative that will make her happy.

Someone needs to enroll in Customer Relations 101.

posted at 12:45 PM by City Muse


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