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02 February, 2007

Hollywood Babylon

I didn't get to post this during the holiday season, but we had so much fun I wanted to post it, anyway.

For its holiday party, D.'s company took over The Highlands, a club nestled on top of the Hollywood and Highland Center. The Highlands overlooks the El Capitan Theater while the Center itself surrounds Mann's Chinese. Within walking distance is the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Our friend K. -- who also works for the same company -- and I dressed up for the occasion. She wore a black halter dress with red gemstone and pearl jewelry; I wore a red dress with a low cowl back and some diamonds my Mom loaned me (she's more of a jewelry person than I am). Everyone else at the party looked fabulous; the men were dapper in their stylish suits and most of the women wore fashionable outfits; I even spotted one wearing a gorgeous sari.

We braced for standing room only attendance, but it wasn't jampacked like it was in 2005, maybe because people streamed in instead of coming in droves. There was a live band; uniformed servers roamed around offering appetizers; open bars and full service buffets were scattered all over the posh two-story club.

After dinner, everyone took their turn on the dance floor. The band was gone by then but the DJ put on some wicked dance music. D.'s back bothered him a bit, poor guy, but he indulged me anyway; we danced until my feet hurt so much I had to sit down. Yes, I knew better than to wear those 4-inch satin stilettos, but vanity wins over comfort on occasions like this.

K. caught the eye of a goodlooking guy who wouldn't let her go. He gave her his number but I doubt he'll get a call. You know the kind: one of those slick guys who kisses your hand and turns on the high decibel charm when you're introduced. Fun dance partner? Yes. Potential date material? Uh, no.

Anyway, we had a blast. We left later than we thought we would, satiated by good food and drink, and exhausted yet invigorated by happy dancing feet.

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