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10 August, 2007

Short Takes

Things that caught my eye on the net:

So what did you think of the video? Very Blair Witch Project, no?

Drinkable Skincare. It's supposedly clarifying, age defying, replenishing and firming but instead of slathering it on your skin, you drink it. This might start a new beauty craze; can you hear the cosmetic industry saying "ka ching!" ? [via MyItThings]

Home Theater Watch. This is Dick Tracy cool, but how small is too small before the law of diminishing returns kicks in? Unless you've got 20/20 vision, a magnifying glass might come in handy with this gadget. [via Styledash]

The Low Down. I'm not sure who this ad insults more: women who are compared to "undependable, expensive servers that don't satisfy your needs" or its target market which is portrayed as frustrated geeks who never get satisfaction from a warm female body or a cold machine. Not the first time the ad ran, either; only shows that in this company's book, money trumps everything. [via Feministing]

Don't Buy: Swap. Our consumerist society programs us to buy, buy, buy; not only is it murder on the wallet but also environmentally unwise. Instead of purchasing more stuff, why not trade? Swaptree is a cool new site where you list stuff you're willing to barter for stuff that others may have. [via Sk*rt]

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