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22 February, 2008

And The Oscar Goes To...

Yeah, it's overhyped, but we don't care. The Oscars is our big annual bash, with 40 million people invited. It's especially anticipated this year; after the writers' strike and the Golden Globes shutout, L.A. is ready to party.

Here's a collection of links to get you in the mood:

• There's still time to catch this movie marathon if you're up for it: 5 Best Picture Nominees, Unlimited Popcorn for $30. At selected locations. [AMC Theaters]

• Delicious movie-themed menus for your Oscars party. [Epicurious]

• A panel of 32 film experts take a shot at predicting the winners. [Los Angeles Times]

• Some behind-the-scenes look at the frenzy of preparations for awards night. [Variety]

• A look back at the most iconic Oscar fashions. [Stylelist]

• Billy Crystal has done it before but this skit lampooning this year's best picture nominees is still hilarious. [MTV]

• A variety of memorable Oscar moments. [YouTube]

• A list of the all the Oscars soirees and balls where celebs will party pre- and post-ceremony. [Variety]

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