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03 February, 2008

Having The Milk, Watching The Game

True, true, I'm not a big football fan, but I have a feeling my lack of excitement for the Super Bowl is shared by many in a town that hasn't had a team in thirteen years. Oh, I'd still watch the game, but mostly for the ads and the nosh.

Speaking of ads, Gawker looks back at the Super Bowls of yore with their list of the 25 most memorable. See if your favs made their list. If you're feeling nostalgic and want to revisit any of the Super Bowl ads in the last 24 years, the New York Times has an impressive compilation. For the ads that will appear today, will have them up for sure.

And speaking of nosh, I don't feel like cooking this year but don't feel like doing the same old same old pizza and buffalo wings, either. I'm thinking of picking up some food from the Boiling Crab, a few pounds of spicy cajun crawfish and shrimp with sausages, potatoes and corn on the cob thrown in, maybe some fried catfish. That'll make for a fun and messy Super Bowl party (mental note: must not forget ice cold Corona, lime and tons of paper towels).

If you'd rather slave away making your own nosh, the Food Network has lots of ideas, and so does Epicurious, Saveur, Serious Eats and Slashfood.

Related Super Bowl links:

Most of a hundred celebs agree: Patriots for the win (though Paul Newman hopes for a tie).

Sports experts also weigh in and agree, except in a more, ya know, sporty kind of way.

• Meanwhile, here's a look at the rich, cool and connected who'll be flying into Arizona in their private jets, not so much for the Super Bowl but for the partying, networking and drinking, all on their expense accounts. Lucky sports poseur bastards.

• Finally, the NFL cracks down on big-screen Super Bowl church gatherings while giving sports bars a pass. Way to go NFL, tightening the screws on true football fans. Booo!

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