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22 February, 2008

Desperately Seeking A Personality

And add to that, originality:

These identity thieves don't want your money. They want your quirky sense of humor and your cool taste in music.

Among the 125 million people in the U.S. who visit online dating and social-networking sites are a growing number of dullards who steal personal profiles, life philosophies, even signature poems. "Dude u like copied my whole myspace," posts one aggrieved victim.

Copycats use the real-life wit of others to create cut-and-paste personas, hoping to land dates or just look clever.
I know anything goes in the wild wild web, but what could be more pathetic than people too lazy or dull to come up with something halfway interesting about themselves to score a date online or look cool?

You'd also think these cribbers would at least bother to steal the good stuff, but nooo, they go for phrases so hackneyed and lame it blows my mind: "I want an opposite. A yin to my yang"? "I am the type of person that likes to think of my glass as half full"?

I'm sorry, but anyone who steals lines like these has the wit and style of wilted spinach, with major problems that only an intensive personality makeover can cure.

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