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03 July, 2008

Gossip Diet

Rachael Ray asked four of her chattiest viewers to refrain from gossiping for a week, but the girls apparently had such a tough time they broke their "gossip diet" in less than 48 hours. They are so addicted to gossiping that they feel it's an essential part of who they are:

"Gossip is a huge part of my life," says 27-year-old Talia. "I look forward to doing it every day." Stephanie, 29, agrees: "I can't imagine my life without gossip. I think it would be pretty boring."
They remind me of my cousin, who subsists on gossip all day long. I've tried steering the conversation to other things like politics or literature or art, but she either gets this glassy look in her eyes or busies herself with chores so she can ignore me. I finally gave up and decided not to visit with her often for the sake of my sanity; there's only so much of so and so's cheating spouse or gambling addiction or repossessed property I can take.

I'd be lying if I claim never to have engaged in idle and at times not-so-innocent chit chat about someone else, but it’s often so inane and petty I can almost feel my brain shrivel up like a prune when exposed to it for inordinate periods of time. Which is why it blows my mind there are people who actually crave gossip, especially the trash talk kind.

One Jezebel commenter says that some women see sharing secrets – their own and what others told them, which both qualify as gossip -- as a way to bond, and eliminating it entirely can feel like abrupt emotional withdrawal. Perhaps, but I doubt that it’s the only way, much less the best way, for us to bond with each other.

I mean, really? There is absolutely nothing else of interest or passion women would enjoy sharing and talking about more than gossip? I think it's time for some serious self introspection if that is the case.


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