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02 February, 2006

Liveblogging: Dancing with the Stars, Show #5

I'm again liveblogging tonight's Dancing with the Stars 2. The post will be updated during commercial breaks.

Note: The post has been updated with links to Raphael Pungin's video feeds of each couple's performance.

The couples are doing two dances tonight: the samba individually and the salsa together.

Stacy Keibler & Tony Dovolani's samba was up first. It was a very good performance, her lines were great, she was graceful while still doing the intricate moves. The judges lavished praise: Len called it "saucy, sexy, superb", Carrie Ann said it was the best performance she's seen from the couple and Bruno called Stacy a "weapon of mass seduction".

Scores: 10,10,10. The first perfect scores of the competition. I would've thrown a 9 in there; they did everything perfectly, but I guess because Stacy is so tall she didn't have the firecracker quality to samba that I prefer.

George Hamilton & Edyta Sliwinska were next. As usual, George weaved his magic and charmed everyone, event though he didn't give a strictly samba performance. I agree with the judges: Bruno called him a "crafty shifter", Len pointed out he danced for joy and it showed and Carrie Ann called him a fantastic performer with much improved footwork.

Scores: 8, 8, 8. These are the fair and correct scores.

Lisa Rinna & Louis van Amstel performed a very saucy and enjoyable samba. Although it wasn't as good as Stacy & Tony's, I thought Lisa had more of the saucy flair I was looking for. I agree with Carrie Ann, that disco song was distracting and didn't contribute to the samba feel of the performance, but all the elements were there. Len and Bruno strongly disagreed with Carrie Ann, with Len calling it a "proper samba" and Bruno calling it a "gorgeous, luscious performance".

Scores: 7,9,9. Come on Carrie Ann, 7 is wayyy low. You're penalizing them for the music!

Update I:

Tia Carrere & Max Chmerkovsky's samba didn't really take off because she looked uncomfortable and self-conscious doing it. It lacked that flamboyant carnaval feel and didn't engage me at all. I have to agree with Len, it was more Baltimore than Brazil because Tia is more at home with ballroom than latin dancing. Carrie Ann was not impressed either, saying she didn't buy the performance, although the middle was great. Bruno showered Tia with compliments, calling her a "Ziegfeld beauty queen with wonderful allure, a natural", and Tia is indeed all that, but it had nothing to do with the performance.

Scores: 7,7,8. I think this is a fair set of scores. The 8 is a bit high, but Tia did try to come out of her shell so the total score is fine.

Jerry Rice & Anna Trebunskaya's samba was very enjoyable. You can just tell Jerry wasn't going without a fight. Because samba is such a rhythmic and dramatic type of dancing I didn't really expect Jerry to pull it off, but like Len, I have to say Jerry performed a lot better than expected. Bruno pointed out he's moving in the right direction while Carrie Ann, true to her nitpicking tendency, mentioned seeing Jerry self-consciously counting to himself, although she did acknowledge he's gone far.

Scores: 7,8,8. Carrie the contrarian, again the 7 is low.

Drew Lachey & Cheryl Burke are as dependable as clockwork when it comes to turning in an excellent performance; their samba certainly didn't disappoint. It had that sexy energy that samba is all about. I also liked the choreography, with lots of intricate but interconnected steps and arm movements that showed them off well. Carrie Ann & Len pointed to Drew's shoulders drooping once in a while; agreed, but it was still my favorite performance of the evening. Certainly an "explosion of power" as Carrie Ann called it. I doubt they would get perfect 10s all around, though.

Scores: 9,9,9. I wish it was higher but these are fair scores.

Update II:

The whole ensemble performed a group salsa which was fun to watch. Len pointed to Drew & Cheryl as the standout with special mention of Tia & Max's risque move, Carrie Ann mentioned them as well as Lisa & Louis, while Bruno predictably gushed over Stacy & Tony.

The couple's rankings and scores, from highest to lowest: Stacy & Tony (perfect 30!), Drew & Cheryl (27), Lisa & Louis (25), George & Edyta (24), Jerry & Anna (23) and Tia & Max (22). Now that Master P. and Ashly are gone, it's tougher to call it, but I think Tia & Max will go tomorrow night.

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