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05 February, 2007

A Matter of Privacy

I don't much care for Paris Hilton, but I'm glad she won an injunction against these sleazeballs.

Yes, she's a publicity hound. Yes, she's revealed her private of privates and much more. That still does not give anybody the right to exploit her private life and belongings for their own personal gain.

I mean, what in the world were these guys thinking? On top of publishing her collection of revealing photos and videos on their pay site without her knowledge or permission, they published her Social Security number, passport and sensitive medical information. Not only did they sickeningly invade her privacy by doing this, they potentially compromised her personal safety.

They may have bought her property, but they didn't buy her privacy. Whether she reveals none of it or all of it is strictly her call, not anyone else's.

posted at 10:37 PM by City Muse


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