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30 April, 2007


I didn't get Twitter at first; I thought it was voyeuristic and frankly, a bit pathetic. Why would anyone read morse code-like posts by someone whose life is probably more mundane than theirs? But now I do get it, and the gray box on my sidebar tells you I've become a Twitter user myself.

Turns out Twitter isn't about obsessively tracking down a person's whereabouts at any given time of day (although some probably do that, especially with all the cool kids doing it nowadays). It's about that person keeping in touch through a quick and simple platform. Think of it as blogging on the run, a cathartic release of pent up thoughts, without the need for writing more than a blurb to do it ("tweets" are limited to 140 characters).

I've also seen Twitter used in different ways; instead of tweets about what they're doing at the moment, some people use it as a way to pass on an idea or something interesting they saw or thought about. Some even use it to display their talent for comic one-liners.

Twitter may just be a fad, the latest online distraction vying for our already short attention spans, but for now I'm having fun with the sweet brevity and ease of it.

And yes, I sometimes spy on other users through Twittervision and its display of real time "tweets" from all over the world. As silly as it seems, there's something comforting about being plugged in to the cacophony of humanity online any time I want.

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