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11 February, 2007

Inner Vicious

Anna Nicole Smith's death somehow triggers the inner vicious in some people:

Her soul rotted long before her plastic body ever will.

ding dong the witch is dead. what a ass**** she was.low life stripper trying to steal a fortune from a well respected family. f***** stripper whore.

this pig did nothing good for anyone but herself.and satan is going to be f****** her in the ass everyday for the rest of eternity. to the people trying to act like they knew her personally go f*** yourself.i hope her daughter dies soon so the whole family can be together.

Just some of the more execrable comments I found online about the woman, from people who say they don't give a whit about her yet were so eager to shed their humanity and decency to prove it.

There's no denying she was a publicity hound, and seemingly popular for no other reason than marrying an octogenarian billionaire and appearing dazed in public. But there's also no denying she was a voluptuous beauty with a knack for self promotion.

Anna Nicole Smith traded in the only currency she had: her sexuality. It's her trump card and she knew it. The pure hatred spewed about her tells more about a society's willingness to condemn women using their feminine wiles while giving a free pass to men who wield their money and power to get what they want.

Phillip Kennicott wrote a thoughtful article about Anna Nicole for the Washington Post:

She had gotten under our skin, and taken on a role we didn't quite realize was so big in the history of marriage, money and sex.
My only disagreement with this article is that courtesans still exist, albeit more rare than it used to be. Anna Nicole just got more attention because she was larger than life.

Here's another article worth reading from Cintra Wilson for Salon:

Nothing shows so well how unkind we are, as a society, than the way we report on our falling women. Hollywood has been restless, cruel and itchy, jonesing for a real tragedy. It was getting bored merely humiliating people on "American Idol." Drug-addled Hollywood strumpets like Linsday Lohan, Courtney Love and Nicole Richie have all been on various deathwatch lists for quite some time, and the tabloids have been licking their chops, waiting to be fed a body.

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