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15 August, 2007

Pretty Ugly

Somebody teach this girl some manners:

The 19-year-old star of the MTV hit show The Real World: Sydney, filmed late last year, has infuriated the Asian Australian community and been panned by US audiences after a recent episode showed her demanding an Asian cashier at the Bondi McDonald's "learn English".

"I'm like, well I'd take the f....n' Crunchie one but I don't know what it tastes like because you wouldn't give me a sample," Trisha Cummings said.

"I'm like, you know what, keep the money, maybe take some English lessons - I'm leaving cause you don't know how to speak English," she said.
Nothing changes pretty to pretty ugly faster than boorish, uncivilized behavior like this, which also reinforces the stereotype that Americans are rude and arrogant.

And to think that between them, it's the cashier who speaks two languages.

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