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03 July, 2008

Can Buy Me Love?

This is just so wrong. From Bandai, maker of the virtual pet game Tamagotchi:

"Ikemenbank", or "handsome men bank", is a heart-shaped electronic piggy bank with an LCD screen that allows its owner to conduct a virtual affair with a cartoon character while watching the coins pile up.
So girls can get some love, one coin at a time.

"Ikemenbank" first asks the user to choose between five different types of men: "cool model", "witty comedian", "gentle, public-school boy", "young athlete" and "older man with patience".

As the user inserts coins, the men talk back, saying "you are the best," and "you are looking prettier these days".
A virtual lover of your choosing, who will coo sweet nothings to make your toes curl... for a price.

But to achieve a happy ending [note: as in "marriage offer"], the user needs to choose strategic answers when the men ask questions such as: "I see my friend had a crush on you... doesn't he?"

The men also need constant attention. If the handsome model is neglected for 5 days, he disappears, leaving behind a farewell letter.
What? A piggy bank lover who not only needs a constant coin diet, but is a needy, controlling jerk, too? Jeeze Bandai, you sure give love -- and saving money -- a bad name.

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