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03 February, 2006

Liveblogging: Dancing with the Stars, Show #5 Results

The couples returning in the order they were called: Stacy & Tony, Lisa & Louis, Drew & Cheryl, Jerry & Anna.

Bottom two were George & Edyta, Tia and Max. And the couple eliminated... Tia & Max, just as I predicted last night.

Tia is lovely, but her performance paled in comparison to the others, even to George who basically charmed his way through the samba (although I suspect it won't be enough to save him next week). But she has nothing to be ashamed of; she markedly improved through the last five weeks and gave some memorable performances.

I especially liked their tango from two weeks ago and the song they chose for it: Por Una Cabeza by the Tango Project, the same song Al Pacino and Gabrielle Anwar danced to in Scent of a Woman. It was the best song used in the competition so far, though that's an easy call; the rest of the selection on the show has been awful, what's up with that? I suppose it's ABC's attempt to make ballroom dancing palatable to the younger demographic not familiar with the standard classics. I don't know who actually picks the songs, but the mostly pop selection makes me wince.

Last night, Primetime also did a special on ballroom dancing. It featured the milongas (tango clubs) of Argentina, the dance halls of England and those adorable ballroom dancing kids from the New York elementary school system, the new batch from the same program featured on last year's documentary Mad Hot Ballroom (which I highly recommend).

Tomorrow, I'm off to see Forever Tango with D.'s mom, who's a ballroom dance enthusiast like me. The show has received raved reviews; can't wait to see it.

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