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08 February, 2007

Panera Bread

I've never been to Panera Bread so we decided to go there one night we felt like a light dinner.

We got to the Wilshire Boulevard branch less than an hour before closing. Big mistake: most of the baked goods have been thrown away (they bake a fresh batch every morning) and you can tell the staff was itching to close for the night.

I had the broccoli cheese soup and the fuji apple chicken salad; both were okay but slightly on the bland side (the soup could've used more cheese and less cream, the chicken needed a little more seasoning). D. had the vegetarian tomato soup and the greek salad which was drenched with too much dressing. Ditto K.'s caesar salad.

Our coffee was cold and they ran out of half and half that took a while to refill. The brownie was serviceable; the cinnamon roll was stale (which they would be if they were baked first thing in the morning).

Moral of the story: don't go to Panera Bread near closing time on a Saturday night. And order salad dressings on the side. That is, if there's a next time: on top of the blah service, K. got sick on the food. Gives new meaning to the term "hand tossed" salad. Ick.

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