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20 December, 2007

Holiday Wish List

A fashion maven in the late 1920's gave advice on the ideal gift for women:

I shall not speak about men at this time. Any clever woman knows well what any man wants. But for her critical sisters it is more difficult. I have had no small occasions to observe the ladies, and I find that in most cases they love best the small extravagance of life. Only the unimaginative like the utilitarian gift. A bottle of perfume, a scarf, a jewel, a bag, powder, rouge, a negligee, a flower, anything that is not an actual necessity, but a charming extravagance, is an agreeable gift to almost any woman.
Yes, girly gifts are nice, but I find them boring sometimes.

Don't get me wrong, I like being spoiled with them, but not all the time. They're just too predictable. Also, they're mostly a matter of personal taste; unless it's something I've used or tried on before, I don't know if I'd like what I get.

Besides, how much perfume, makeup, bags and jewelry can one woman need? I think womankind just let out a collective shriek of "what are you, nuts?" over that one, but for me there is such a thing as too much, because I'm into more than just pretty things.

Now if you're talking Daniel Craig as James Bond wrapped in a pretty red bow, that's a different story.


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