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12 December, 2007

News Around Town

***The LACMA receives a $100 million art gift that includes several Picassos, Kandinskys, Klees and Feiningers. Oh, happy day. Can't wait to see exhibit, which opens a month before the newly renovated LACMA is officially unveiled in mid-February '08. Also, the LACMA's Research Library is having a sale on its voluminous collection of art books and arthouse catalogs.

***The AMPTP walked away from the negotiating table again, right before the holidays. Bastids. The WGA is left with no choice but continue the writers' strike. Meanwhile NBC refunds advertisers roughly $500k apiece because of low ratings and Democratic operative Chris Lehane is sacked by the SEIU Local 99 in L.A. for his representation of the AMPTP.

***The city panel for South L.A. forges ahead with the plan to ban issuing new permits for fast food restaurants in the area, citing concern for increasing rates of obesity and diabetes among its residents. I agree with this on principle, not only because they're unhealthy and an ugly blight on the city landscape, but who's to determine which fast food franchise will be banned? Are Subway sandwiches and El Pollo Chicken unhealthy, too?

***If, you're planning to buy toy jewelry as Christmas gifts, don't. Items purchased around town at Macy's, The Gap Kid Stores, Marshalls, Hello Kitty and Dollar Tree stores among others are contaminated with 600 times the legal amount of lead. After months of news about contaminated products, when is the federal government going to do something about this? Isn't public health just as important as national security?

***In music and entertainment, Ike Turner dies at 76, Variety reports on Led Zeppelin's triumphant charity concert in London, awards shows brace for possible star no-shows due to the WGA strike, Jessica Alba announces she's expecting and Britney Spears called in sick for her child custody deposition.

Image via USC Digital Archive.
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