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11 December, 2007


I don't hate Rachael Ray like others seem to these days (Anthony Bourdain being the most notorious). I find it endearing that she readily admits to being a cook and not a chef. Her recipes, instead of culinary hallmarks, are friendly endeavors that encourage the harried and exhausted to at least cook something instead of relying on the usual packaged/fast food fares.

However, as she became a household name, she seemed to develop more cutesy affectations (is there anything, anything at all she doesn't find worthy of an "MMM" ?) and "Rachaelisms" that could grate even the most forgiving.

Her "E-V-O-O" (short for "extra virgin olive oil" which is annoying enough, not to mention that applying heat to extra virgin oil is practically sacrilegious) grew into a repertoire that includes "delish", "you guys", "awesome" and most of all "yum-o" which drives me absolutely stabby. On every one of her shows, she utters most of them not once, not twice, but often. Arggh.

Maybe she thinks it's a trademark that is expected of her. Or maybe she's using it as a crutch. Or maybe, just maybe, she's really like this in person. Whatever the reason, the unrelenting perky one liners and mannerisms have gotten on my nerves enough that I stopped watching Rachel long before Oprah unleashed her on an unsuspecting world.

On an added note, I discovered while surfing online that she posed for some racy photos for the men's mag FHM back in 2003. Just saying.

There is also this Rachael Ray dress up doll online. Heaven help us.

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