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01 December, 2007

Care For Some Pie?

In honor of National Pie Day, here's the first pecan pie I ever baked last Thanksgiving. Instead of buying goodies from a bake shop, I made two of these babies plus two leche flans, two dozen peanut butter chocolate cookies and two dozen snickerdoodles. I even made the dough for Food for the Gods, except the oven conked out on me and I had to give it to our friend K.T. to take home and bake in her oven.

All of that in addition to making prime rib roast with stuffing, potatoes au gratin and sauteed green beans and mushrooms for dinner. What can I say? I went cooking crazy.

Anyway, this pecan pie was based on a recipe from Elise of Simply Recipes. I was looking for a rich but not overly sweet pie, and this was perfect. As she promised, the vanilla, butter and molasses heightened the pecan flavor without the headache-inducing sweetness common in most pecan pies.

D., who is a pecan pie fiend, gave it two thumbs up. It was rich, chewy and full of nutty goodness that was just as enjoyable the day after with a good cup of coffee.

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