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24 December, 2007

Office Holiday Party

Unlike this skit, D.'s office holiday party was neither cheap nor wacky. It was held at a two-story Hollywood club his company took over for the evening and was actually quite nice: open bar with unlimited free drinks, uniformed servers offering excellent hors d'oeuvres and a multi-course buffet with fish, chicken and roast beef as main courses. There was even a photographer who took complimentary portraits to commemorate the occasion.

However, the venue was the same as last year and the year before. People were getting tired of it judging by the attendance, which was barely half what it was two years ago. We imagine the company had a multi-year contract with the club to get the best deal, but hopefully this time was the last.

The party was pretty antiseptic too, compared to last year's, when one of his co-workers was unfairly reported to human resources for "inappropriate behavior" and another co-worker's partner wasn't let back into the club after a cigarette break because the bouncers thought he was a gatecrasher.

The only odd note was the Veep's obligatory speech, when he quipped about how years ago, the company receptionist welcomed new employees by way of flashing them. Cripes, in this age of sexual harassment, what was he thinking making a dumb, offensive joke like that? To everyone's credit, no one laughed at this, and quite a few exchanged miffed glances. Yoohoo, human resourcesss...

Lastly, I was itching to dance and made sure to dress accordingly: no killer 4 1/2-inch heels for me this year, just a retro outfit and go-go knee-high boots. There wasn't a live band this time, which I thought was a good thing because the one they hired before was pretty lame. That was until the deejay started playing his sets, which were mostly cliché 70's and 80's music. I mean, Baby Got Back? Argh.

D. kept asking me to dance and I kept refusing for a full half hour, thinking c'mon Mr. Deejay, throw me a bone here? He finally threw a few, and D. and I finally got to dance the night away.

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