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25 December, 2007

Happy Christmas

What is Christmas without holiday music? Through the years we've seen a succession of holidays songs from Elvis Presley to Larry the Cable Guy, some of which became instant holiday classics.

I'm partial to traditional Christmas songs myself, but this more contemporary song by John Lennon called Happy Christmas (War is Over) holds a special place in my heart.

Some find this song depressing and for good reason: war seems to be a mainstay of mankind's existence. As the historian Will Durant once said, "in the last 3,421 years of recorded history only 268 have seen no war". Just think about that for a minute. Thousands of years of violence and death. It's a sobering thought.

I am not a pacifist, but I firmly believe that war is an absolute last resort. As bleak as it looks now with all the armed conflicts going on in the world, the song does give me hope. We can stop war, we have done it before. Just as we've started them, we have the power to end them, if only we want to badly enough.

As we enjoy the holiday festivities, please say a little prayer for those caught in wars around the globe. May they, like us, finally enjoy peace, prosperity and blessed days like today with their own family and loved ones.

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