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25 December, 2007

More Holiday Links

The War on Christmas... Decorations. Since we're not big on putting up holiday decorations, it's fun to check out nice ones around the neighborhood. However, something like this next to my house will drive me stabby, just like the people in the article who complain about the traffic jams, litter, vandalism, energy waste and just overall annoyance of such loud and blinding displays.

Heartwarming Christmas story. He married her in a surprise wedding ceremony on Christmas Eve, back in 1942 while he was waiting to be shipped to Europe during WWII. Sixty five years later, Francis Southey, 90 and his bride Ruth Southey, 85 said I do all over again in their senior living facility. Sniff, I knew there was some tissue here somewhere...

Happy Christmas News. The California appeals court ruled that health insurance companies may not wait until a client runs up big medical bills before checking his insurance application for inaccuracies and using it to deny the claim. The court also ruled they can't cancel a policy unless there's proof of a client's intentional misrepresentation and only after they've investigated that fact before issuing coverage. Score one for California consumers. Big fat ZERO for unscrupulous health insurance companies.

Christmas Couture. Did you wear any of those hideous holiday themed outfits this year because you didn't want to hurt a relative's feelings? Well, don't blame Aunt Louise, there's apparently a whole industry that unleashes the atrocities on us every year. Those bedazzled sweaters with manger scenes and playful tinsel-wearing cats are no accidents, folks.

Cry Me a River. Oh woe is Mr. Goldman Sachs guy, unhappy because he doesn't have anyone to share his $732K year end bonus with. Won't you help him out, dear Craiglist reader, by being his sweetie for the holidays? He doesn't even mind if you're Jewish. Do us all a favor and bring a bag of coal to dump on his sorry head if you do decide to respond, will ya?

You Are Not Forgotten. The Rev. Maurice Chase is known as "Father Dollar Bill" on Skid Row, where every holiday season for the last 24 years, he's been distributing thousands of dollars he solicits from celebrities. Some criticize his non-discriminatory money handouts which can be used for drugs and booze as easily as for necessities and food. The wise reverend said he doesn't care; he says the point is to show they're not forgotten. And to that I say Amen.

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